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First Degree (Level 1)
 2 classes

1st Class Overview

You are given a binder with 40+ pages of reference notes.

What is Reiki - Laying on of hands healing system.

Brief history and background of Reiki and its origins.

Medical system studies- the effects that Reiki has on the body and diseases.

What you can say and cannot say about Reiki.

Do's and Don'ts about Reiki legalities.

Definitions of Rei and Ki (Reiki)

Questions and answers period

Short break

Question period

Attunements and their meanings

1st Guided Meditation

Lighting of the fire (Candles)

Ceremonial - 4 Attunements

Discussion on what everyone experienced (after attunement)

2nd Class Overview

Express experiences that you have had the past week or two.

Questions and answers from binder of reference notes that the student have.
Discussion of what is Reiki

Discussion on Testimonials of Reiki
Short Break
Guided Meditation
Lighting of the fire (Candles)

Ceremonial  - 4 attunements

Discussion on what everyone experienced

Practice the Self healing positions

Practice Self healing positions and techniques

Question and answers - What everyone experienced (With self healing)

General Questions and Answers

Course Completion

Example of First Degree Certification

Certificate of First Degree presented to each student after the coarse has been satisfactorily completed!

If interested in classes please contact:

Purple Door 519-624-8392

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